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Planning of business
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" Itself " in the organization develop only besmporjadok,
Friction and inefficiency

The business - plan in system of planning of the enterprise, O.U.Juldasheva (I.Marketing)
The electronic version of the book.

Investments and business - planning
In what cases the business - plan is necessary. A breadboard model of the business - plan. the feasibility REPORT. Calculation finansovo - economic parameters.

Affairs and plans (A.Muradjan)
Even the good idea always can be finished to the point of irrationality and to impart feeling of proof disgust to it(her). With what planning at inhabitants of the former Union, nowadays commonwealth usually associates? Probably, c grandiose and from that senseless attempts to catch up, overtake or turn back. Or with Gosplanom and the term "planned economy" causing proof disgust for a word "plan" and his(its) derivative. Meanwhile questions of planning are vital not only for the state and the person. Any business, without dependence from his(its) sizes, a market niche and a site, it is necessary to plan. Business this so important, that the businessmen - improvisators thoughtlessly ignoring laws of business and relying only on intuition and own representations about strategy, risk to assimilate blind, easy pacing on to a mine field. As a result - fast and painful(unhealthy) destruction of the enterprise. On pleasure to competitors and the left conformists.

Information materials (zip)
Examples of accounting materials, the forms, allowing to lead(carry out) an estimation vnutrifirmennoj documentation, Positions and instructions. Interesting materials for loading from all sections of a site Euromanagement, and also the additional materials concerning activity I EAT. In section Download materials for loading from all sections of a site are collected, and also the additional materials concerning activity are submitted EAT and able to be of interest for visitors of a site. All files samoraspakovyvajushchiesja. For access to materials keep a file on your computer and start it(him). Specify a directory convenient for you in which materials will be unpacked.

The form of standard investment offer (JUnido)
The passport of the industrial investment and technological project on accepted international klasifikatsii

Programs for development of business - plans
Project Expert. An alto - Invest. The Inek-investor. Komfar. Business Plan PL. The feasibility report - Invest.
" Workshop of business - planning V ". Comparison of programs.

Development of strategy

Realization of strategy

Attraction of investments

Strategic planning of business..
Acceptance of decisions during strategic management. Applied problems(tasks).
Strategic planning of business is a planning at level SBE. It is accepted to understand process of creation and realization of competitive strategy SBE as it(him).
As a rule, everyone SBE is characterized by presence of own competitors. It is accepted to distinguish three kinds of a competition and, accordingly, three kinds of competitors.

Technique management of firm on the basis of strategic management.
The present section of a rate contains the description of some problems, with necessity of decision making on which management of firm collides(faces). Problems are classified depending on at what level of management they are accepted by firm.
Having studied the given educational element, you can name the basic ideas rynochno focused strategic planning; to name levels of acceptance of strategic decisions; to list the primary goals demanding decision making during strategic management; to define strategy which are created during strategic planning; to specify the basic stages of strategic planning of business.

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