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How to find the finance?
Untitled Document

How to find the finance?

The purpose:
To find necessary financing on acceptable conditions.

That renders the greatest influence on efficiency of the decision the decision:
The sum of required means.
Presence of own actives (the ground, the real estate, the equipment).
Financial condition of the company.
The person of the businessman, his(its) experience and reputation.

Sources of the information. Internet - resources:
http://sakh.dvbank.ru - Branch of Far East bank in city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
http://www.sakh.com/valuta - Exchange rates in banks of Sakhalin, the daily operative information on dollar exchange rates and the Japanese yen in 11 banks of Sakhalin.
http://www.mmbank.ru/region/us - the JUzhno-Sakhalin branch of Bank of Moscow: a management(manual), services, exchange offices, bankomaty, ekvajringovaja a network and so forth.
http://www.swbank.ru - Bank " Sakhalin - Vest ", services to physical and legal persons, cards " the Gold Crown ".
http://www.bankdolinsk.ru - Commercial bank " Долинск " offers a wide spectrum of bank services for corporate clients and private persons.
http://sakh.dvbank.ru%20 - Branch of Far East bank in city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
http://www.sakhalincredit.ru - the Sakhalin Regional Program of Microcrediting. Credits for private(individual) businessmen and the enterprises of small business on territories of the Sakhalin area, group and individual loans, trainings for beginning(starting) businessmen and professional consulting services.
http://www.sakhexpo.ru - the Sakhalin Expocentre. The unique professional exhibition organization on Sakhalin, representing marketing informatsionno-expocentre.
http://www.sakhlink.ru - Sakhalin educational centre LINK - the "Choice". Business - formation of the international level under programs of Open University of the Great Britain. Improvement of professional skill.

Regional credit учреждения:.
Open Society Branch AKB " Росбанк ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. CHehova 37, ph. ( 4242 ) 72-61-12.
GU the Central Bank on the Sakhalin area, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Communistic пр.47, ph.: (4242 78-11-11.
Bank of Moscow, the JUzhno-Sakhalin branch, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Communistic пр.32, оф.301, 302, ph.: (42142 72-70-70.
MABES "Sakhalin - Vest", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, pr. Victories 24, ph.: (4242 74-10-50, 55-16-92.
KB "Dolinsk", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, pr. The world 119ф, ph.: (4242 72-36-83, 72-33-35.
Bank " Iturup ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Communistic пр.32., ph.: (42421 72-13-12, 72-73-11.

The regional leasing companies:
Joint-Stock Company " Del'taliz-distant ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Communistic пр.32, оф.220., phone/fax: (4242 74-40-74, mailto:gregorys@pnline.ru; http://www.deltalease.ru.
Joint-Stock Company " Sakhalin leasing company ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, pr. The world 119а, 3 floor, phone/fax: (4242 72-66-22, 72-66-23.
GUP "Sahalinlizingflot", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Charles Marksa's street 51а, оф.18, phone/fax: (4242 72-53-14, 55-08-61, mailto:captain@sakhalin.ru.
Joint-Stock Company " Лендлиз ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. pr. Victories 24, ph.: (42142 72-03-12, phone/fax: 42-13-63,

The regional organizations, capable to assist:

Regional Fund of support of businesses, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo 15, оф.139, phone/fax (4242 72-84-84, 72-82-92, mailto:fpp@sakhalin.ru.
NKF " the Sakhalin fund of support and development of youth initiatives ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Lenina 246, оф.2, phone/fax: (4242 42-37-83, http://www.sakhfond.ru.
Noncommercial fund of support of small business, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Communistic пр.39а, 103, bodies, a/fax: (4242 42-90-70, mailto:iivanchenko@smcom.ru.
The Russian-American Educational Centre of Business, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Street. Lenina 296, оф.1. Phone/fax: (4242 672-53-53, 42-36-96, 42-32-85, e-mail:postmasterarc@sakhalin.ru.
Sakhalin regional public organization " Centre of support of small and average business ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo 15, оф.143, 139, phone/fax: (4242 72-84-84, 72-82-92, 42-98-52, mailto:mmc65@mail.ru, http://bc.sakh.com, http://www.sakhalin.marketcenter.ru,

Normative documents:
• the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (an item of an item 329-390, ch. 1) from 30.11. 94 № 51-ФЗ (red. 10.01.03).
• the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (an item ßÔ.606-670, 807-833, 927-970) from 26.01.96 № 14-ФЗ (red. 26.03.03).
• the Federal law from July, 16, 1998 N 102-ФЗ " About the mortgage (a pledge of the real estate) ".
• the Law of the Russian Federation from May, 29, 1992 N 2872-I " About a pledge " (amendment of 16.07.98).
• the Federal law from October, 29, 1998 N 164-ФЗ " About financial rent (leasing) " (red. 29.01.02).
• the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (clause(article) 61-67), ch. I from 31.07.98 № 146-ФЗ (in red. 07.07.03).

Regional statutory acts:

• the Decision of City Assembly of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from 22.04.99 № 352/21 " About the statement of Position " About the order of insurance of property of municipal formation(education) transmitted to rent … ".

The basic data and recommendations:

1. Ways of attraction of the finance can be:
• credits of banks
• credits of the specialized funds of support of business if such are created in region
• microcredits of the special organizations with the simplified form of decision making about crediting
• credits (monetary and commodity) suppliers and buyers
• participation in the company of the third parties (contributions of relatives, the friends familiar, sometimes - Russian or are more often - foreign venchurnyh than funds in ustavnyj the capital)
• the tax and investment tax credit
• leasing of the equipment
• grants of the foreign donor organizations (funds) supporting development of private(individual) business in the Russian Federation

2. Financing is usually carried out under any project: replacement of the equipment, expansion of activity, development of new production. In any case for attraction of means drawing up of the business - plan under this project is necessary.

3. Attraction of the finance without drawing up of the business - plan under a working capital can be carried out already stably working company, having a credit history and a good financial condition. Conditions for such financing usually arise at long work with one credit organization therefore the bank has trust to business of the client and confidence of return of the credit.

4. In some cases financing can be received " under the concrete person ", experience, knowledge and which reputation serve as a guarantee of value and reliability of the project.

5. The basic problem of crediting becomes maintenance of a reflexivity of the credit. Forms of maintenance of obligations are established by chapter 23 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation:
• the penalty
• a pledge
• deduction of property
• the guarantee
• a bank guarantee
• the deposit

6. At crediting deduction of property and the deposit is not applied, and the basic forms is the pledge and the guarantee.

7. The pledge gives the creditor the right in a case nevozvrata the credit to receive money due to the incorporated property mainly before other creditors. Since credit establishments do not accept a subject of a pledge to themselves on storage their requirement usually is, that a subject of a pledge should be the real estate that the debtor could not put a subject of a pledge anywhere.

8. The sum of a pledge almost always considerably exceeds the sum of the credit: from 30 % up to two times. Property, which quickly can be sold without appreciable reduction of the price (an apartment in good area, the automobile), a little bit can exceed at cost the sum of the credit, and cost of an illiquid pledge can exceed the sum of the credit up to several times.

9. Be incorporated can not only property of the one who receives the credit, but also the third parties, for example, the founder of the company can put in pawn a cottage belonging to it(him). Usually the subject of a pledge remains in using the depositor and it(he) can use, lease him(it), but can not neither sell nor present, transfer otherwise the property rights.

10. Variant of a pledge can be a pledge of property which you buy on the received credit, i.e. having received money, you buy the real estate or the equipment which on the spot pawn to bank in maintenance of this credit.

11. At the guarantee the guarantor undertakes to bear the responsibility for duly return of the credit, therefore the bank can the sum of the credit, interests, penalties to collect from the guarantor.

12. The guarantor can bear the responsibility not for all volume of obligations, but about it should be specified in the contract of the guarantee.

13. There can be some guarantors who if the contract does not establish other, bear the responsibility solidary, i.e. all sum of the obligation can be collected from any guarantor, and between guarantors they should lead(carry out) the further calculations without participation of the creditor.

14. One of variants of a security for credit can be insurance. nevozvrashchenija the credit inconveniently, however it is possible to insure insurance of the risk other risks (safety of property, a civil liability) and to reduce thus the general(common) risk. Enough frequently insure the risks connected to safety of incorporated property to exclude a situation of loss of a pledge because of a fire, flooding or other reasons.

15. To relatives under the maintenance(contents) to the credit with a pledge of the bought equipment leasing is. At leasing the equipment is bought lizingodatelem under the specification lizingopoluchatelja and surrenders in leasing which actually is rent with the right of the repayment. With the right of the repayment leasing differs from rent by absence of operation of purchase of the equipment under the specification of the addressee. We shall remind, that till February, 10, 2002 leasing is a licensed kind of activity.

16. "Razveem" one of the cardinal errors: " Leasing is favourable to any enterprise ". There are cases when leasing is less favourable, than other forms of financing. The reasons for that a little:

• First, conditions of leasing contracts the same as also conditions of various credit contracts, considerably differ from each other. So at comparison of conditions of the leasing bargain offered by the commercial leasing company, with the soft loan of local administration, leasing loses more often.
• Second, advantage of leasing follows basically from economy on the tax to profit so if the enterprise is not profitable, leasing to it(him) will bypass more dearly(expensively).

In this connection, it is necessary to consider(examine) leasing as possible(probable) alternative to other ways of purchase of property.

17. Receive the information on the leasing companies you can from several sources:
• it is quite possible, that at bank which client you are, the leasing company is already created. For example, such company is at bank " Sakhalin - Vest "
• it Is possible to use the directory of the leasing companies which issues Group on development of leasing MFK and which is in the Internet: http: // www.allinvestrus.com/publ7.html.
18. It is not necessary to forget and that the leasing companies are interested in work with the strong enterprises at which the proceeds for the period considerably exceed leasing payment.

19. Attraction of the finance also can occur by increase of the authorized capital of the company and reception of new participants (shareholders) in Open Company (joint-stock company). This variant is connected to change of constituent documents, a lot of time for registration therefore can demand: convocation of general meeting, change of the charter and the constituent contract, registration of changes.

20. Release of bonds demands significant organizational expenses (registration and so forth) and to use it(him) not expediently. The companies can take money resources from citizens simply under the contract of the loan, for this purpose it is not required any license or the sanction.

21. Tax (investment tax) the credit are a delay of payment of the tax till 1 year (till 5 years), that is equivalent to reception of the credit, however, reception of such delay uneasy and demands presence of the circumstances specified in the Tax Code.

22. Federal, regional and local authorities within the framework of programs on development of small business provide allocation of soft loans. Learn(find out) in departments on development of business: whether there is a preferential crediting, and on what conditions it is given.

23. A source of the irretrievable finance can be programs and the grants directed on obshchepoleznye of the purpose if your activity can promote achievement of these purposes somehow.

24. Variant of the decision of shortage of the finance can be change of the circuit of business, for example, to refuse purchase and to lease. Such change can increase cost of reception of resources, however allows to do without external financing.

Programs kreditovaja business:


1. The present Program defines(determines) main principles and establishes the procedure of Open Society " Russian bank of development " (further - Open Society " РосБР ") the state financial support of small business in the Russian Federation (further — the Program), including:
— Criteria of selection of the authorized banks from among regional commercial banks;
— Requirements to subjects of small business – to potential borrowers;
— Bases of interaction of Open Society " РосБР " and regional banks, including formation of the interest rate for the final borrower – a small enterprise

Open Company " ОХАБАНК " okha_us@dsc.ru the PROGRAM of CREDITING

The bank considers(examines) crediting as a part of long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation with the Clients. For this purpose in Bank special procedure of consideration of the credit applications, providing in the reduced terms decision making about granting the credit and an individual approach in an establishment of conditions of crediting is developed.


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