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How to rent a premise(room)?
Untitled Document

How to rent a premise(room)?

The purpose:
To find a premise(room) and to conclude the contract so that a rent it was included in expenses, and in case of cancellation of the contract to not suffer losses.

That renders the greatest influence on efficiency of the decision:
The status arendodatelja (the private person, the businessman, the commercial organization, municipality or the state).
Term of rent.

Sources of the information. Internet - resources:
• http://www.kraft.snc.ru%20 - Joint-Stock Company " Крафт ", Agency on trade in real estate "Rielter".
• http://www.alyans.biz - Agency on trade in the real estate "Alliance", Professional services in area rieltorskoj activity, all operations with the real estate.
• http://kums.sakh.ru%20 - Committee on management of the municipal property of. JUzhno-Saha-linska

The regional organizations, capable to assist:
• Committees on management of the municipal property

• Periodicals: the newspaper " the real Estate of Sakhalin "

Normative documents:
• the Civil code from 26.01.96 № 14-ФЗ (an item of an item 606-625, an item of an item 650-655).
• the Law of the Russian Federation from 27.12. 03 N 184-ФЗ " About technical regulation ".
• the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation from August, 13, 1997 N 1013 " About the statement of the inventory, subject to obligatory certification, and the list of works and the services subject to obligatory certification " (in red. 29.04.02).

Advice(councils) and recommendations:

1. Under accommodation of the enterprise the premises can not be used, therefore to rent the apartment for the enterprise it is impossible. If you want to buy an inhabited apartment, all over again learn(find out) how to transfer(translate) her(it) in a uninhabited premise(room) and how many it will cost.

2. If your enterprise activity is subject to obligatory certification you preliminary should address in body on certification with the purpose to find out the characteristic of a premise(room) which will meet the requirements of the legislation on standardization.

3. If you work on the simplified system of the account and the reporting (patent) or the uniform tax on vmenennyj the income to you, on seen, all the same, whether charges on rent are included in expenses. In this case you can rent a premise(room) at anyone arendodatelja.
4. If it is necessary for you to include a rent in expenses it is impossible to rent a premise(room) at the citizen who is not being the businessman since tax bodies do not consider possible(probable) to include such rent in expenses.

5. The contract of rent for 1 year and more should be registered in registration chamber as the bargain with the real estate, and contracts less than 1 year – are not subject to such registration.

6. Search of a premise(room) can be conducted through the following sources of the information:
• agencies of the real estate
• the Specialized periodicals
• Municipal and state bodies
• Companies of proprietors of habitation
• Housing co-operatives
• Garage cooperative societies
• the Large enterprises and the organizations reducing the activity and liberating premises(rooms)
• the ZHilishchno-operational organizations

7. At the conclusion of the contract of rent of a premise(room) pay attention to the following moments:

Transmitted to you in rent the premise(room) should be precisely described, that it(he) precisely could be defined(determined), possible to apply(put) the plan of a premise(room) on the contract. Otherwise you risk that the lease of a premise(room) at any moment will be recognized as the prisoner.
• Powers arendodatelja on delivery of a premise(room) transmitted to you in rent are necessary for checking up. If the premise(room) belongs arendodatelju also on the right of rent in the contract made he(it) with the proprietor of a premise(room) should be a condition about an opportunity of his(its) transfer in subarendu and conditions of such transfer. In absence of special conditions about transfer of a premise(room) in subarendu it is necessary to receive special sanctions of the proprietor of a premise(room) to fulfilment of such bargain. Make to itself a copy of such contract or the sanction of the proprietor.
• the Size of a rent should be established in the contract, differently it(he) will be considered as the prisoner usually in the contract arendodatelja the sum of a rent and the right is underlined its(her) unilateral change. By the general(common) rule change of a rent probably is not more often than an once per one year. Except for the instruction(indication) for the concrete sum, the rent can be established in percentage of the income received with the help of rented property, and also different ways.
• the Bases of preschedule cancellation of the contract of rent are established by the law in clauses(articles) 619, 620 civil codes of the Russian Federation, however by the contract of rent the additional bases of cancellation that can derogate from interests of the tenant can be stipulated.
• By the general(common) rule on expiry of the term of the contract of rent the tenant has the right to the primary conclusion with it(him) of the contract of rent, however such right can be excluded by the contract. The right on renewal of the contract operates with other things being equal, thus, if you are not ready to pay the raised(increased) payment the contract can be made not with you.
• By the general(common) rule, major overhaul of a premise(room) is made due to means arendodatelja, and operating repair – due to means of the tenant, however the given rule can be changed by the contract.
• In the contract it is desirable to specify the size of a rent both without the VAT, and in view of the VAT (to allocate with the VAT). In a case if the VAT in structure of a rent arendodatelem is not showed to the tenant about it it is desirable to specify in the contract.

8. Necessarily make the certificate(act) of acceptance of a premise(room) in which specify all lacks: the window frame is not completely closed, two electrosockets do not work etc. to you it is necessary to return a premise(room) in that kind which will be reflected in the certificate(act) and if in the certificate(act) you will not note all lacks you will be quite probably compelled to pay for their correction upon termination of term of rent.

9. Improvements of the rented premise(room) share on separable and inseparable. The tenant can take away separable improvements on the termination(ending) of the contract of rent, and inseparable, made without the consent of the proprietor remain arendodatelju without any indemnifications to the tenant. As opinion of the tenant and arendodatelja concerning separability of improvements can miss, better consider(examine) any improvements as inseparable and receive from arendodatelja the sanction to their realization or the consent to a recognition their separable.

10. Check up, whether you have the right on reception in rent of a premise(room) on favourable terms. The regional legislation on support of small business can contain mechanisms of support through maintenance of them on favourable terms premises(rooms) for realization of enterprise activity. Premises(rooms) can be given through business - incubators, funds of the liberated premises(rooms) which are taking place in the state, municipal property.

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