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How to make advertising?
Untitled Document

How to make advertising?

The purpose:
To make the advertising company maximum effectively informing the potential client or creating at him(it) necessary representation about firm.

That renders the greatest influence on efficiency of the decision:
The purposes of the advertising company.
Characteristics of potential clients.
Term of activity of firm, history of its(her) advertising companies.

Sources of the information. Internet - resources:
• http://www.4p.ru - Electronic magazine on marketing
• http://www.marketsite.narod.ru - Marketing: methods and strategy
• http://www.finsoft.ru computer programs for business
• http://www.aclub.ru club of advertizers

Regional sources of the information
·Galereja " Paper textiles ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Krjukova, 35, ph. 42-31-94, mailto:gbt@bgtelecom.ru, http://www.tt.marketcenter.ru.
• Regional Fund of support of businesses, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo 15, оф.139. 143, phone/fax: (4242 72-84-84, 72-82-92, mailto:fpp@sakhalin.ru
• Informatsionno-consulting items(points) in areas of the Sakhalin area.
• Sakhalin regional public organization " Centre of support of small and average business ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo 15, оф.143, 139, phone/fax: (4242 72-84-84, 72-82-92, 42-98-52, http://www.mbs.marketcenter.ru, http://www.sakhalin.marketcenter.ru, mailto:mmc65@mail.ru, http://bc.sakh.com.

Normative documents:
• the Federal Law from July, 18, 1995 № 108-ФЗ " About advertising " (from changes. And dop. – 01.07.02).
• the Federal Law from March, 22, 1991 № 948-I " About a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity in the commodity markets " (in red. 09.10.02).

The basic data and recommendations:

1. First of all it is necessary to be defined(determined), for what realization of the advertising company is planned. The possible(probable) purposes of the advertising company can be:
• informing of potential clients on again created company (a shop, the new goods);
• maintenance of interest to the goods, attraction of additional clients;
• creation of image of firm, a reminder on its(her) existence.

2. Estimate offers of advertising agencies in the organization of the advertising company and decide, whether you begin to do(make) its(her) or address to professionals.

3. If the advertising agency simply offers you to place advertising in a number of editions or a different way, without the help in development of the company (definition of the purposes, the most effective ways and so forth) it is better to refuse. To place advertising in the newspaper usually it is possible also special knowledge here it is not required. The advertising agency should begin work with definition of a target audience and the purposes of advertising and all further plans to prove from the point of view of the purposes and an audience.

4. Remember, the most simple and profitable company for advertising agency – imidzhevaja, i.e. a beautiful picture in all newspapers and on TV. To it(her) you will decline constantly. The specialized company demands exact planning and a choice of means of distribution.

5. Make the description of the potential consumer of advertising, for example; " about the cheap sugar sold by bags summer residents - motorists since from citizens only summer residents buy sugar bags, and summer residents not having machines hardly should read our advertising will buy sugar bags " or " all should see advertising of the food additive watching(keeping up) for the health or appearance (pensioners, people conducting an active way of life, the provided layers of the population, teenagers and so forth) ".

6. Define(determine) geographical area of distribution of advertising, for example: " the message on opening of a new dry-cleaner is necessary for distributing among inhabitants of neighboring houses, and also among everyone who goes through large transport unit of city near to which she(it) is located ". At this stage it is not necessary to be limited to means of distribution of advertising known to you (newspapers, boards and so forth).

7. Try to present, as it is possible to capture consumer exclusively interesting you in the chosen area, without scope of those who is not interesting to you. We shall consider sale of sugar by bags:
• accommodation of the announcement in the newspaper will inform all population
• accommodation of the announcement in the edition for summer residents will inform summer residents, but not up to everything since not everyone are subscribers
• accommodation of boards in city will inform motorists, but it is not necessary summer residents since many summer residents go on city a little
• accommodation of boards on departures city will inform all summer residents - motorists

8. Usually used ways of accommodation of advertising can be ranged on a degree of selectivity:

Kind Selectivity on social and professional groups Selectivity by a geographical principle
Advertising on radio and TV Low (news)
High (thematic transfers)
Advertising in unspecialized printed editions (news, advertising) Low (though paid editions cover more provided layers of the population) Low
High (local regional, city, microregional editions)
Street (boards, leaflets on entrances and stops) Low High
Advertising in specialized magazines and newspapers Advertising in specialized magazines and newspapers Low (the specialized editions very seldom are local)
Distribution of leaflets in the street Low High
Announcements in places of gathering of potential clients (school, a drugstore, sports halls, tax inspections, stations and so forth) High High

9. The best accommodation of advertising in sense of selectivity – announcements in places of gathering of potential clients: the information on the food additive for growth of muscular weight in all training halls, however it can be not effective in sense of expenses for delivery of advertising in set of such points.

10. Estimate, alternative ways of the notification of the same audience of potential clients how many cost(stand). At calculation proceed not from an audience of the advertising carrier (a telecast, the newspaper), and from approximate scope by this carrier of your target audience. Thus it is necessary to take into account orientation of newspapers, telecasts to this or that audience (youth, business) and to correlate to your target audience.

11. For creation of the advertising first of all formulate the main information, the major motive which should consist all of several words: " cheap jersey ", " furniture from a natural tree ", " celebratory discounts ", " import the sanitary technician ", " the company has moved on a new place ". The main message should be significant and attractive for your potential consumer of advertising.

12. Making the full text of the announcement, watch(keep up) that the main information (motive) was not lost in additions and registration. Do not overload advertising, sometimes it is enough to inform " Interior of a tile. Ph.: 12-34-56 streets. Soviet 2 " and the client will understand, where it(he) will find a rich choice plitki. Attempt to contain in the advertising message results as much as possible information to that the potential client at all does not read her(it), loses the main motive at perusal or simply does not notice advertising on newspaper page, a roadside board. Avoid nothing meaning phrases not bearing(carrying) the helpful information, such as " Dear city dwellers, we invite you …. ".

13. Registration should be to remembered, appropriate tastes of the potential consumer. Pensioners hardly will estimate vanguard design. Registration never should prevail of the maintenance(contents), fonts should be well readable, it is not necessary to use many various fonts and graphic receptions. You inform, instead of create a masterpiece.

14. Take the most of firm style, however remember, that the client buys not your company, therefore the name of the company for him(it) hardly attractively and is not necessary to expose it(him) on the foreground, except for a case of advertising on creation of image.

15. The legislation forbids introduction of consumers of advertising in error, in order to prevent accusations of it exclude superlative degrees (" the lowest prices ", " the best service "), and direct comparison with competitors.

16. If you place advertising by different ways keep account efficiency: all addressed clients should be asked about that, whence they have learned(found out) about the company (the goods, the discount).

17. Very much frequently clients do not remember, they saw what advertising, and where she(it) was. The output(exit) can be found by such ways:
• Show clients samples of newspaper advertising, you see at many the visual memory is advanced more strongly and the place of advertising on a newspaper strip, its(her) environment and other is remembered.
• Place different ways a little bit distinguished advertising then it will be easier to client to recollect.
• Discounts, participation in lotteries and other "baits", for those who will bring the advertising cut out from the newspaper.
• the Instruction(indication) of different phones in different advertising.

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