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Analytical materials
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Analytical materials

The population of Russia about the federal target program " Electronic Russia "
In this material results of the analysis of the data received as a result of interrogation, the studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) carried out(spent) by the All-Russia centre on representative sample city and agricultural population of Russia are given. Interrogation was carried out(spent) during July, 17-21, 2003. In it(him) have taken part 1600 person in the age of from 18 years and is more senior. 
The Internet in Russia.
The review - summer 2003. The report " the Internet in Russia " is issued four times per one year (spring, Summer, the Autumn, Winter). Calculations will be carried out(spent) on the basis of association of data file last 5-7 interrogations – only 15 – 21 thousand respondents. Comparison of Russia to ten countries of the world – on a basis: Nielsen // NetRatings Global Internet Trends ™ Regional Reports, Quarter 4, 2002; October - December 2002. The given release is prepared according to seven interrogations of a summer(years) of 2003.
( June – August). In total - 21 thousand respondents. 
The Internet and authorities.
Research. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, December, 2003. Authorities all use modern technologies for economic development and involving of citizens more widely. What should be an official site of bodies of local authorities that it(he) could benefit inhabitants of our city (area)? What services of authorities citizens and would like to receive business in an electronic kind? Results of interrogation. 
Regions in a network the Internet.
Results of research. The level of presence of the governments of subjects of the Russian Federation in the Internet is defined(determined) as a result of an estimation of their official internet-portals.
Use by the companies of the Sakhalin area of information technologies.
Results of research - 2002. As information technologies by the companies and the organizations of the Sakhalin area are used, what factors prevent wider them premineniju in practice of business.? 
Services provajderov the Sakhalin area.
The review December, 2003. Services and the prices provajderov the Sakhalin area.


Files for скачивания:
The population of Russia about the Federal target program   (naselenie-Rossii-o-federal'nojj-celevojj-programme.doc, 211 Кб)
The Internet in Russia. Summer 2003.  (internet-v-rossii.rar, 466 Кб)
The Internet and authorities. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, December, 2003.  (rezul'taty-oprosa-internet-i-organy-vlasti.rar, 428 Кб)
Regions in a network the Internet  (regiony-v-seti-rossijjskie-realii.doc, 76 Кб)
Use by the companies of the Sakhalin area information технологий.rar  (ispol'zovanie-kompanijami-informacionnykh-tekhnologijj.rar, 211 Кб)
Services provajderov the Sakhalin area. December, 2003.  (provajjdery.xls, 169 Кб)
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