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Verhovenstvo the law
Untitled Document

profinansirovannnye within the framework of the program " USA - DISTANT Russia: active partnership "

The program is carried out by Fund of the Russian-American economic cooperation and financed by Mission to Russia Agencies of USA on the international development



The project: Development of partner attitudes(relations) between associations of lawyers and judges

It is teamwork of legal communities of staff(state) of Washington and Primorski Krai with the purpose of information interchange about juries, about safety issues of proceedings and other questions. As development of programs of the long formation(education) using various technologies and the Internet is planned.

Region of realization of the project: Primorski Krai, staff(state) Washington

The American partner:
Legal School of University Seattle (Staff(state) Washington)
Rudol'f Hasl, 1-425-398-4309


The Russian partner:
Far East State University (Vladivostok)
Kurilov Vladimir Ivanovich, 7-4232-261-280
Falaleev Alexey, falaleev@raf.dvgu.ru

The project: Khabarovsk and Alaska: partnership " Verhovenstvo the law "

The strategic purpose of the project is an achievement " Verhovenstva the law " by means of development in Russia legal trades and creation of the partner groups uniting lawyers. The kinds of activity stipulated by the project, will promote promotion of legal reforms in Russia, including recently approved reform of judicial system.
Partners will develop and pritvorjat in life a plan of action, the following aspects of legal reform directed on support: (1) judicial ethics, discipline, selection of judges; (2) administration and automation of court; (3) attitudes(relations) between courts and the public; and (4) management of a trade of the lawyer and the continuous juridical education. The given plans will be developed by working groups at conference Alaska - Khabarovsk, and will be then carried out by the Russian command(team) after training on Alaska.

Regions of realization of the project: Khabarovsk, Alaska

The American partner:
The Russian-American Consortium Authority of Law (RAKVZ)/Vermont-Karelia " Authority of the Law "
Elena Vilson, 1-802-859-3093

The Russian partner:
The Khabarovsk State Academy
Economy and Rights, a faculty of law
Narutto Svetlana Vasil'evna, 7-4212-43-20-97

The project: Becoming verhovenstva the law on the Russian Far East through increase of vocational training of judges

The given project will strengthen partner attitudes(relations) between the National Judicial College which is taking place in city of Reno staff(state) Nevada and Far East branch by National Academy of justice in Khabarovsk that will expand already existing communications(connections) with National Judicial college with head branch of Academy of justice in Moscow. Creation of more competent judicial system in Russia, paying special attention to following of the Russian courts to the international rules of law. Partners organize constant educational rates for local judges.

Regions of realization of the project: Khabarovsk, Nevada, DV Russia

The American partner:
National Judicial College
Pegi Saw a lot, 1-775-327-82-19

The Russian partner:
Far East branch
The Russian Academy of Justice Khabarovsk
Shishkin Sergey Ivanovich, (4212 311-00-00,

The project: Support of introduction of a jury

Cooperation of legal community of the Sakhalin area and staff(state) Oregon with the purpose of strengthening a lawful state through development of legal community in Russia and establishment of the Centre of a jury in the Sakhalin area. Within the framework of the project training judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers to process of judges of jurymen is stipulated; development and realization of programs of education of the population, for an explanation of essence of jury of jurymen and their role, and also education of local political leaders. The program will promote participation of citizens in work of courts as jurymen, and also will give the equipment and information systems for the Sakhalin regional court of the general jurisdiction, regional Office of Public Prosecutor and the Bars necessary for realization of juries.

Region of realization of the project: the Sakhalin area, staff(state) Oregon

The American partner:
The Russian-American Consortium Authority of the Law (Vermont)
Elena Vilson, 1-802-859-3093

The Russian partner:
The Sakhalin state university
Masterkov Alexander Aleksandrovich, 7-4242-42-03-89


The project: the Program of support of a jury

The basic purpose of the given project – to help to reduce or remove barriers for a way to an effective utilization of a jury in Khabarovsk edge(territory). Expected results: successful application of a jury for maintenance of more transparent, independent and effective judicial system, and also for continuation of reform of criminal law in Khabarovsk; increase of knowledge of the public about legitimate rights and increase of trust of the population to judicial system. Except for that the Professional association of lawyers of Khabarovsk Territory will strengthen financial and organizational potential, and the democratic culture of participation of citizens in litigations will be strengthened.

Region of realization of the project: Khabarovsk territory

The American partners:

Russian American Rule of Law Consortium/Vermont-Karelia Rule of Law Project
Elena A. Wilson, Tel/fax: 802-859-3093,
130 South Willard Street, Vermont 05401;
John A. Dooley, 916-939-4316
3237 Ridgeview Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Alaska Court System
Rich Curtner, Tel. 907-646-3412, fax: 907-646-3480
550 W. 7th Ave, Suite 1600 Anchorage

The Russian partner:
Faculty of law of the Khabarovsk state academy of economy and the right
Narutto Svetlana Vasil'evna, ph. 4212-34-0433
680000, Khabarovsk, the Amur parkway 45, the Faculty of law

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