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Development of small and average business
Untitled Document

профинансированнные within the framework of the program " USA - DISTANT Russia: active partnership "

The program is carried out by Fund of the Russian-American economic cooperation and financed by Mission to Russia Agencies of USA on the international development



The project: Assistance to development of average and small business in Primorski Krai

The purpose of the given project – to promote development of the enterprises of small and average business and employment of youth with abilities to business dealing. Adaptation of graduates of high SCHOOLS to practice of work of commercial structures through a series of the trainings spent for cooperation with representatives of business, with the purpose of development business of projects, and their realizations on means of businessmen; creation of a информационно-consultation centre for support and consultations of participants of the Project on bases of business dealing, with branches on the basis of Committees on affairs of youth (КДМ) of edge(territory) for work not only with students, but also schoolboys of the senior classes. The given project will use the program « Achievements young » on applied economy for gathering, the analysis, ordering and distributions of the information on a course of performance of the project on the Far East Russia. Partners expect the following results: 30 students will raise a level of the knowledge, will receive practical experience and will be employed. 10-15 representatives КДМ will pass training to bases of business and management; the created информационно-consultation centre will render information, technical, methodological and educational support to students and young businessmen who only start or try to improve the business; Strengthening and the further development of potential of partner attitudes(relations) and knowledge of the public of edge(territory), DV region and Russia (through a network of the regional centres « Achievements young ») about partner achievements and experience of the Project (through use of a site of partners); realization in common JA Int a remote rate « the Business - plan – one page ».

Region of realization of the project: Primorski Krai

The American partner:

Junior Achievement of Greater Puget Sound
Jeff Cochman, Tel 206-296-2626 fax 206-296-2617
212 Plasa 600 Building 600 Stewart St. Seatle, WA 98101

The Russian partner:
The Far East centre of economic formation(education)
Vitkovskaja Natalia Nikolaevna, Phone/fax (4232 514-293
690003, Vladivostok, street. Станюковича 28, office 520

The project: Creation объеденения for support of the Centres youth the activity / school enterprises in Buryatiya

Expansion of a network of school enterprises (ШП) and the centres of youth activity (ЦМД) in rural settlements of Republic Buryatiya. Creation of association ШП and ЦМД for rendering organizational, financial, marketing and other support ШП and ЦМД on places in achievement of stability by them and self-support.

Region of realization of the project: Republic Buryatiya

The American partner:
The international program of adaptation of rural business (Iowa)
Beat Мюллер, 1-319-366-4230,


The Russian partner:
For steady development (AURA) (Buryatiya)
Ilya Innokent'evich Fyodorov, 7-3012-43-74-82, (3012 434050,

The project: Development of the credit unions as means of support of small business ДВ

Expansion of a network of the credit unions in Primorski Krai and other regions of the Far East. Use of the credit unions as real source of financial resources for development of small business. The project is continuation the previous 2 year works in the field of the credit unions in Primorski Krai. Creation in regions of the Far East is planned: in Primorski Krai, the Kamchatka region, the Sakhalin area, Republic SAHA (Yakutia). This project will enter the Credit Unions of the Far East of Russia into community of movement of Credit cooperative societies of the countries ATR.

Region of realization of the project: Primorski Krai, the Kamchatka area, the Sakhalin Area, republic SAHA

The American partner:
Credit Union " ФЛЁР " (California)
Michael Pardon, 1-949-349-5501, 1-310-918-5892,


The Russian partner:
Association of cooperative societies of Primorski Krai
Irina Nikolaevna Chajka, 7-4232-411029,


The project: Development of youth business in the Magadan area by realization of potential of learning professional educational institutions in the organization and development of the enterprises of small and average business

Overall objective of partnership – creation of an infrastructure for support of youth business in Magadan by the basis of office of Achievements Young and the Centre of support of youth business. In addition to trainings and programs on business, actions of the project assume rendering legal and information support, creating thus preconditions for the further development of an infrastructure for support of youth business; creation of two functioning small enterprises at regional technical training colleges; development of the law « About youth business » and attraction of the public to the decision of a problem. Trainings will be carried out(spent) also and to be developed programs of training for teachers of bases of economy and business.

Region of realization of the project: Magadan, Sakhalin

The American partner:
Junior Achievement of Alaska, Inc
Janet Craig, Tel 907-344-0101 fax 907-349-5158
711 H Street Suite 320 Anchorage AK 99501

The Russian partners:
Association « Russian-American educational centre of business »
Veseljaeva Olga Jur'evna, Bodies (41322 97-842, 97-8460, the Fax (41322 97-558
685000, Magadan, Charles Marksa 35

Management on affairs of youth of Administration of the Magadan Area
Borisov Oleg Viktorovich, Bodies (41322 239-27, 262-31, 254-63, a fax (41322 252-39, 281-16
685000, Magadan, Комсомольская the area, 1

The project: Association экотуризма and amplification(strengthening) of business

The activity financed by the program « Active partnership », is directed on amplification(strengthening) of Federation as associations of the professionals borrowed(occupied) in sphere экотуризма. The basic kinds of activity – strategic planning of development of Federation, training and improvement of professional skill of the personnel and members of Federation, technical maintenance Ñí-page, marketing initiatives, an establishment of communications(connections) with other international tourist associations.

Regions of realization of the project: Transbaikalia and Northern California

The American partner:
Institute Island Earth
Gary Кук, 1-415-788-3666

The Russian partner:
Federation of sports tourism and mountaneering
Republics Buryatiya
Andrey Suknev, 7-301-2-21-80-31,


The project: Support of development of small business in the Amur area

Development of small and average business through creation at the Amur State university of a business - incubator which will promote increase of success of beginning(starting) businessmen, rendering them(him,it) organizational support, and also advisory, information and educational services on favourable terms.

Region of realization of the project: the Amur Area

The American partner:
Миссисипский the Consortium of the international development
Алли the Poppy, 1-601-979-3792

The Russian partner:
The Amur State University
Саакян Рустам Рафикович, 7-4162-35-62-69
Shpeht Irina Aleksandrovna, 7-4162-35-62-69

The project: the Earth ancestors to their descendants

The purpose of the project – creation of the pilot project which should create « territory of traditional wildlife management (ТТП) » for indigenous population of Bystrinsky area of the Kamchatka area.
Problems(tasks) of the project:
- To prepare applications and the feasibility report for creation « territories of traditional wildlife management »;
- To strengthen public understanding of necessity and advantages ТТП;
- To train representatives of indigenous population of Bystrinskogo area in practical skills of protection of own rights and interests, and also principles of business dealing and management of the finance, the basic skills of creation of the enterprises of small business.

Regions of realization of the project: Kamchatka, Alaska

The Russian partner:
The Kamchatka public institution " Independent Protection "
Valery Petrovich Kochetov, 7-41535-2-13-50

The American partner:
The American - Russian Centre, University of staff(state) of Alaska (Anchorage)
Irina Dubinina, 1-907-786-4325

The project: the Microcredit project for businessmen of the Khabarovsk rural area

The purpose of the project - to give fine businessmen of the Khabarovsk rural area access to credit resources that they could support and expand the business. The purpose will be achieved through expansion of a field of activity of microcrediting existing to the organization. The additional purpose – financial stability of Fund. Using technical support from party(side) Kaunterpart Interneshnl, the Fund will expand the program on microcrediting, offering the new product intended specially for fine businessmen of rural areas of Khabarovsk Territory.

Regions of realization of the project: Khabarovsk, Washington, district of Columbia

The Russian partner:
Fund of support of small business " Каунтерпарт Business Fund "
Shumilov Alexey Borisovich 7-4212-32-51-15, 32-67-71

The American partner:
Каунтерпарт Интернешнл Инкорпарэйтид
The noncommercial organization of the international development
" Каунтерпарт Интернешнл Инк. "
Caesar Lejton 1-202-296-96-79
Don Фил

The project: « Social partnership in development экотуризма »

The purpose of the given project on social partnership in development экотуризма – to reorient development экотуризма on the Far East Russia so that protection of an environment and development of local economy became priority directions. Partners intend to show methods of involving of local residents in planning эко-rounds on an example of two areas – Nogliksky area (the north Sakhalins) and area of name Лазо (Khabarovsk territory, villages Кутузовка, Кия and Бичевая). Local residents together with partners will plan new routes. For local population meetings on questions of development экотуризма will be organized. Local residents will receive skills of development of projects, and due to this can carry out own pass projects in area экотуризма.

Regions of realization of the project: Khabarovsk, Sakhalin, Vermont.

The American partner:
Institute of Steady Communities
Anna Mihajlovna Lygina, 7-4212-326-717,

The Russian partner:
Open Company Regional Educational Scientifically – the Industrial Centre « the Far East Centre of Development of Tourism » (ДВЦРТ)
Lyudmila Alekseevna Bliznjukova, 7-4212-318-381,

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