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Development social and economic infrastukrury
Untitled Document

profinansirovannnye within the framework of the program " USA - DISTANT Russia: active partnership "

The program is carried out by Fund of the Russian-American economic cooperation and financed by Mission to Russia Agencies of USA on the international development



The project: Preventive maintenance and early revealing of a cancer dairy zhelezy

Spread of knowledge about a cancer dairy zhelezy, his(its) preventive maintenance and early diagnostics among women and medical workers of the south of Sakhalin. Decrease(reduction) of frequency of the started cases of a cancer dairy zhelezy. Coordination of educational and preventive work with bodies of public health services, public organizations and local community through use of the American model " Health of community " the Centre of public health Korsakovskoj of regional hospital.

Region of realization of the project: Korsakov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Dolinsk

The American partner:
Bejlorsky Medical College (Texas)
Armin Uajnberg 1-713-798-4614

The Russian partner:
Korsakovskaja the Central Regional Hospital (Sakhalin)
Ljubimova Alla Vladimirovna, 7-42435-22355

The project: Reduction of Break in the Civil Society of the remote Regions of the Far East of Russia (DVR)

Partners assume to create in four removed regions DV: Magadan, Petropavlovsk - Kamchatka, Irkutsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, samopodderzhivajushchiesja, controlled by students, clubs " Model of the Incorporated Nations " (MUN\MОН). Partners organize seminars for students on questions of public performances(statements), debate and the international attitudes(relations) and will lead(carry out) local and regional competitions on open debate. Also they intend to develop and support programs of an exchange between Rotari Interneshnl, MUN the Distant West (MUNFW) and student's organizations DV and also to adjust communication(connection) between students from the named four regions and existing organizations MUN. Besides they intend to create the regional resource centre controlled by students of universities and to lead(carry out) international conference MUN. As a result of work of partners youth DV will expand the knowledge and practical experience of use of democratic principles; Delegations of more competent students will take part in the international competitions of system MUN; students from the removed regions will adjust communications(connections) with basic educational centres MUN DV; the number of clubs MUN on DV will increase and the network of services will extend; vyrastet activity and dobrovol'chestvo among youth; institutes and mechanisms for interaction between MUN clubs of the Western coast of USA and Rotari will be created.

Region of realization of the project: the Far East Russia

The American partner:
Model United Nations Far West (MUNFW), Inc
Randy Siefkin, Tel 909-737-6247, 223 East Kendall St., Corona, CA

The Russian partner:
Model of the United Nations on Far East (MOONDV)
Dzheffri S. Lindstrom, Bodies: 4232-404-250
690000, Vladivostok, street. Gogolja 41, Office 1510

The project: Development of steady economy through construction of the Big Baikal Track

With the help of propagation, training and use of the best practical experience as the model, the given project will develop leadership and organizational opportunities of the local communities, necessary to start(begin) and to the end of the ends to finish the Big Baikal Track. The basic actions of the project: realization of the international exchange, training to rendering of services and restoration of an environment, attraction of the greater number of volunteers from among youth and local population. Also the project will improve work of working enterprises of small and average business by creation of opportunities for service international ekoturizma on lake Baikal. The partnership can reach(achieve) these purposes by construction of two demonstration sites of high-quality pedestrian tracks. Construction will promote amplification(strengthening) of leadership of local communities and use of the international standards in construction of ecologically steady foot tracks; To involving of young leaders in process of professional development and civil activity, including preparation in the field of protection of ecological rights, constructions of tracks, attraction of volunteers and managements of their work; and also to creation of the system facilitating performance of the leading part in realization of voluntary ecological programs in the Baikal region, promoting development of small business.

Region of realization of the project: oz. Baikal, Buryatiya, Irkutsk

The American partner:
Earth Corps
Pieter Bohen, Tel: 206-322-9296 Fax: 206-322-9312
6310 NE 74th Street, Suite 201E Seatle, WA 98115

The Russian partner:
Federation of sports tourism and mountaneering of Buryatiya
Andrey Suknev, Phone/fax: 3012-218-031
670000, Ulan-Ude, Communistic 47, Office 408

The project: Development of skills of independent life and leadership at graduates

This partnership plans to create and introduce new approaches to education liderskih qualities and to development of skills of independent life at orphans and children on the Russian Far East, the staying without care of parents with the help of development of model of involving of community to support graduates ИУ* in their adaptation to independent life in local conditions with use of successful experience of the American model.

Region of realization of the project: Ussuriisk, Primorski Krai

The American partner:
IMKA the Big Seattle (Staff(state) Washington)
Dina Hansen, 1-206-839-8902

The Russian partner:
Seaside public organization " you not one "
Hodyryova Elena Vjacheslavovna, 7-42341-3-50-88

The project: Prevention VICH of an infection among youth and groups of high risk on Sakhalin

The purpose of the given partnership is to reduce distribution of the VICH-INFECTION on Sakhalin by development, introduction and an estimation of local programs on preventive maintenance VICH/SPID, directed on work with the chosen vulnerable groups of the population: youth of 15-24 years; workers of " service of the organization of leisure ", the addicts accepting drugs intravenously. The purposes of partnership is: to develop the youth education program based on a principle " equal trains equal ", training program for key interested persons to conduct campaign in mass media and to achieve wider scope of groups of risk, to coordinate programs of preventive maintenance of the VICH-INFECTION on Sakhalin and to build close communications(connections) among the organizations working now in the field of preventive maintenance of distribution of the VICH-INFECTION. Planned results of work of partnership include: Creation of long cooperation between PSI/USA, PSI/Russia, AAF, SRAC for use of the best modes of work and training of partners, increase of opportunities SRAC and AAF to carry out highly effective actions on prevention of the VICH-INFECTION and also to increase number of representatives of groups of risk which would have the full and true information about VICH/SPID

Region of realization of the project: Sakhalin

The American partner
Population Services International
Lara Frazier, Tel.: 202-785-0072 fax: 202-785-0120
1120 19th St., NW, Suite 600 Washington, DC 20036

The Russian partner:
Mokienko Marina Viktorovna, (4242 42-34-16, a fax: 72-53-56
Lomakina Elena Arkad'evna,
693000, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Amur 53

The project: Improvement of reproductive health of women of the Sakhalin area

The partnership between RATN and the Sakhalin association akusherov and gynecologists is created with the purpose of improvement of reproductive health of women of the Sakhalin area through increase of awareness of medical workers and patients about methods of planning of family and their correct application. The secondary purpose of the project – revealing of the strong and weak parties(sides) of working program of preventive maintenance of a cancer shejki matki and development of special additions with the purpose of its(her) program.

Regions of realization of the project: Sakhalin, staff(state) Washington, Ukraine

The American partner:
The program of optimum technologies on health protection (RATN)
Ekaterina Gamazina, 380-44-253-90-56,

The Russian partner:
The Sakhalin regional Public organization
" Society of akusherov-gynecologists "
Love JUr'evna Nikiforova, 7-4242-553546,

The project: the Educational and Resource public centre of mother and the child

The project develops and strengthens partner attitudes(relations) between Pitsburgskoj the organization Magicians Vumenker Interneshnl and the Sakhalin regional association of planning of family and perinatal'noj medicine. The purpose – to help women to achieve deeper understanding of the health and the responsibility for healthy pregnancy and the healthy child. Opening of the Educational and resource centre of mother and child (ORTSMiR) for training medical workers and families, and also for realization of activity as the resource centre in the field of health of mother and the child.

Regions of realization of the project: Sakhalin, Pennsylvania

The American partner:
Magee Womancare International (MWI)
Magicians Vumenker Interneshnl
Gin Kuper, 412-641-1189

The Russian partner:
The Sakhalin regional association of planning of family and perinatal'noj medicine. The contact information: Valentine Vladimirovna Valil'shchikova

The project: the Russian fairs of health

The purposes of partner activity:
• To bring in the contribution to satisfaction of huge need(requirement) of population DVR to improvement of a state of health by preventive maintenance of diseases through education and early diagnostics of the illnesses curable at their early stages.
• To unit resources International Rotari Club - organizational skills and a plenty of volunteers, with medical and a professional knowledge of workers Far East Central Bassejnovoj clinical hospital.
• To transfer a management(manual) of the organization and realization of Fairs of health to Russia, having left for the American partner an auxiliary and supporting role.

Regions of realization of the project: Primorski Krai, Alaska, DVR

The American partner:
Homer Kachemak Bej Rotari Club
Steve Yoshchida,

The Russian partner:
Far East central bassejnovaja clinical hospital
Noncommercial partnership " the Centre of fairs of health "
Irina Alekseevna Rubashek, 7-4232-315447,

The project: Rescue of life of patients with sudden cardiac arrest in Primorski Krai

The project will serve strengthening and development of already existing partner communications(connections) between Fund of the medical aid, taking place to the Central Valley of California, and two organizations from Vladivostok: Station of first aid of city of Vladivostok and the Seaside Regional centre of medicine of accidents. The purpose of the project is reduction of number of people on DVR, perishing from sudden heart attack.

Regions of realization of the project: Primorski Krai, California

The American partner:
Fund of medical aid
Grem the Pier, 1-707-576-3939

The Russian partners:
The territorial Centre of medicine of accidents and Municipal establishment of public health services Station of the first help of Vladivostok.
Vladimir Vjacheslavovich Kuznetsov, (4232 453-698

The project: the Crossroads of life

The given partnership assumes to affect the factors interfering local adoption and education of children - orphans of Russia. Major factors are negative stereotypes concerning children - orphans, lack of support and training, and also economic problems. Partners are going to work with the children - orphans who are taking place in shelters of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the Sakhalin area (hundred children - orphans in the age of from 8 up to 15-ти years) with the purpose of their preparation for entry in family by therapy and employment(occupations) on purchase of skills of construction of attitudes(relations), personal development, emotional identification and the emotional control, skills of a healthy way of life. The program also offers social support to families and consultation on questions of construction of mutual relation with the child. Young people will pass training to business skills in "business - incubator" which will involve the business public, offering necessary economic skills of youth and to families and also to promote participation / involving of young people in local business - community. Partners will raise also awareness of the interested parties(sides): representatives of local authorities, orphanages and their personnel, mass media and the wide public on the given questions.

Region of realization of the project: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The American partner:
Kidsave International, Los Angeles
Eric M. Batsie, Tel. 202-331-1110, fax: 202-530-9895

The Russian partner:
"Teenager", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Kazachinina Galina, ph. a fax. (4242 42-41-88
693006, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Boundary, 52
Section " the Crossroads of life "

The project: Use Internet for economic development and involving of Citizens

The given project offers to use the modern, checked up services based on use the Internet, for achievement of two basic purposes: to improve services for the foreign investment partners, wishing to establish business relations with the companies or the organizations on island of Sakhalins and also to introduce system when services from the governmental organizations can be carried out an online for inhabitants and business - communities of island of Sakhalins. The given project will be engaged in development of communications new the Internet and the services necessary for realization of business operations for the Russian-American economic attitudes(relations) and municipalities. It(he) will promote also to perfection of an infrastructure and the knowledge of the personnel necessary for maintenance of new services, grantings to community of wider access to Internet - services. Regional conference on the project and his(its) results will be organized. Partners expect, that the project will help to stimulate economic growth and will increase opportunities of access of citizens to the official (governmental) information and services.

Region of realization of the project: Sakhalin

The American partner:
“ Trade Development Alliance ”
Bill Stafford, Tel.: 206-389-7306; Fax: 206-624-4689
1301 5th Avenue Suite 2400 Seatle, WA 98101

The Russian partner:
The centre of support of small and average business
V'junova Elena, Ph.: (4242 72-82-92, 72-84-84 Fax: 42-98-52
693000, the Sakhalin area, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo, 15 - 139

The project: the City Centre of early intervention

Partners offer to create the Centre of early intervention in Vladivostok (CEI). The centre will render services of the physiotherapy, special training, speech and language therapy, training of parents, consultation of families where there are children with the limited abilities: babies and children till 4 years. Partners will be engaged in the organization and equipment CEI, training medical and parameditsinskogo the personnel, increase of knowledge of the public on questions of recognition of diseases and opportunities of intervention, maintenance of the therapeutic treatment, special training and consultation of families. Partners assume, that result of the project the made out both equipped premise(room) and well trained personnel for granting services of early intervention for invalids - babies and children till 4th years becomes. Babies and children as much as possible can develop the potential, and their families become more competent and will receive more bases to hope, caring about children demanding a special leaving(care).

Region of realization of the project: Primorski Krai

The American partner:

Bellevue Kindering Center
Mimi Siegel, Tel.: 425-653-4299 Fax: 425-747-1069
16120 NE Eight Street Bellevue, Washington 98008

The Russian partner:
MUSES " Children's psychiatric hospital "
Irina Kudrjavtseva, Phone/fax: (4232 20-32-00
690066 Russia, Vladivostok, ZHigur 50

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