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Protection of ecological rights
Untitled Document

profinansirovannnye within the framework of the program " USA - DISTANT Russia: active partnership "

The program is carried out by Fund of the Russian-American economic cooperation and financed by Mission to Russia Agencies of USA on the international development



The project: Improvement of participation of radical peoples in management of the communities through construction of effective work NKO

The purpose of the given project is creation on Commander islands steady NKO, uniting representatives of radical peoples who would enable aleuts to protect the rights on traditional land tenure and to participate in protection of natural resources and management of them. The purposes of the project: 1) to train leaders of aleutian communities in management steady NKO, including to ecological rights and rights of indigenous population, 2) to involve the public, 3) to support development of the new projects directed on protection of rights of indigenous population and preservation of an environment, 4) to establish the steady communications between aleuts Komandorskih, of Aleutian islands and islands Pribylova; 5) to distribute experience of the international cooperation among radical peoples of Kamchatka and the Far East Russia. As a result of work of partnership leaders of aleuts will receive knowledge of management steady NKO; On Commander islands will use of the grounds and preservation of a traditional way of life are created NKO which will enable local population to assert rights on a survival; inhabitants of Commander islands become equal partners with local administration questions of economic development, preservation of the environment and management of natural resources of their communities; steady cooperation between radical communities Komandorskih, Aleutian islands and islands Pribylova will be created; the international experience will be transferred(handed) to radical peoples of Kamchatka and the Far East to Russia.

Region of realization of the project: the Kamchatka area

The American partner:
Aleut International Association
Gofman Victoria, Tel 907-222-4283 fax 907-222-4271
237 E. 3rd Avenue * 3 Anchorage AK 99501

The Russian partner:
The Russko-American centre of assistance to small and average business
Sable Paul, ph. ( 4152 ) 187-172, 112-800 fax (4152 191-396
683000, Petropavlovsk - Kamchatka, Lenin 46

The project: to oil Pipelines of the Far East - public control

This partnership supporting protection of ecological rights, is directed on protection of rights of the Russian citizens of eight regions of the Far East and Siberia taking place under risk of realization of the civil-engineering design of an oil pipeline Angarsk - Primorski Krai. The program will inform the public covered with the project in regions about promotion of the civil-engineering design of an oil pipeline, organizes exchange trips NKO of the Far East and Siberia to Alaska for an exchange of experience in sphere of protection of ecological rights; will support wide participation of the public at acceptance of ecologically significant decisions; namerivaet realization of round tables, meetings, shodov, public hearings, will distribute the information under the project through the electronic bulletin, veb-sajtju

Region of realization of the project: the Far East Russia and Siberia

The American partner:
Institute of assistance to initiatives in Eurasia (Washington, District of Columbia)
Alis Hengesbak, 1-202-387-3034

The Russian partners:
DVORTS "ISAR" (Primorski Krai)
Semyonov Anton Valer'evich, 7-4232-26-96-06,

OO " Buryat regional'noeob'edinenie over Baikal "
( " BRO over Baikal ")
Shaphaev Sergey Gerasimovich 7-301-2-21-02-88,

The project: the Strategic ecological estimation: steady development and protection of the Far East seas

The given partnership of the legal organizations on protection of an environment of USA and Russia aspires to acquaint citizens and the government of Russia with the report of a strategic estimation of a condition of an environment (SEA - the Report) effectively to use SEA in Khabarovsk, Primorski Krai and on Sakhalin and to promote the realized participation of the public in an estimation of influence on an environment and steady development of power and transport projects. Partners plan to create a Far East coalition of the interested parties(sides) to achieve ratifications of the Report to advise Far East NKO, communities and to associations of indigenous population on questions of participation in SEA to develop a preliminary plan and to publish " the Management(manual) for citizens on participation in SEA " and " Ecological examination of petroleum programs and projects ", to acquaint regional and federal authorities with Report SEA and the appropriate laws as the mechanism of growth of participation of the public in planning programs of oil-and-gas sector, to develop and give in Duma the project " the Certificate(act) about prevention of petroleum pollution " which will help to include legislative concepts of Report SEA and USA in the legislation of Russia and to organize support by citizens of his(its) acceptance. Partners assume, that in result knowledge of the public and support of Report SEA and his(its) applications will increase, participation of the public in planning projects of oil-and-gas sector DV will amplify, the Certificate(act) about prevention of petroleum pollution " will be offered Russian ", federal and regional authorities will understand necessity of Report SEA both advantages of participation of the public and planning of programs of oil-and-gas sector better.

Region of realization of the project: the Far East Russia and nearby marine territories of a/zone

The American partner:
"Earthjustice" Oakland
Erika Rosenthal Tel. 510-550-6752 fax: 510-550-6740
426 17th Street, 6th Floor Oakland California 94612

The Russian partners:
"Ekodal'", Khabarovsk
Irina Bogdan, Phone/fax 4212-30-8150,
680006 Khabarovsks, p.o. 95/3

"Ekojuris", Moscow
Belief Mishchenko, Phone/fax 095-131-2049
125009, Moscow, p.o. 172

The project: Assistance to preservation of wild populations of salmons on Sakhalin

The purposes of partnership are to employ inhabitants of Sakhalin on perfection of management by fish resources and to active participation in management of local resources; to raise(increase) an overall performance of the organizations of island of Sakhalins protecting fish populations and promoting more rational use of fish resources; to support local communities and the population of region in construction of steady economy and use of cultural advantages from life in healthy ekosistemah with populations of a fish. The purposes of the project include: granting of an opportunity to inhabitants of Sakhalin to assert the interests and to take part in improvement of management by fish resources; research and demonstration of potential for development ekoturizma and granting of an opportunity to businessmen to take advantage in this new sector of economy; attraction of radical communities to participation in management of fish resources. Planned results include strengthening partnership between the Centre of the Wild Salmon and the Sakhalin fund of a wild nature and transformation of Fund into the basic body of protection of fish resources and efficient control them on Sakhalin. The project will help local residents to support perfection of management by fish resources and more closely to cooperate with representatives of authorities by propagation and kul'tivirovanija fishing by a principle " has caught – release(let off) ", creations for children of education program on a salmon, the organization and realization of the Sakhalin festival of a salmon, work on creation of protected territories for a salmon and distribution of a series of popular publications on a theme of a salmon and problems water ekosistem. These publications ekoturizma in zakaznike Kril'on will help with a combination to seminars and a complex of recommendations for questions of development to steady economic development and will create new opportunities for development of small and average business. Attraction nivhskih and other communities of indigenous population will create opportunities for realization of their rights to land tenure and for support of traditional extraction of a fish.

Region of realization of the project: Sakhalin, the Far East

The American partner:
Wild Salmon Centre
Dave Martin, Guido Rahr, Tel.: 503-222-1804; Fax: 503-222-1805
721 NW 9th AvenueSuite 290Portland OR 97209

The Russian partner:
JUzhno-Sakhalin local public fund " Wild nature of Sakhalin "
Sergey Makeev, Phone/fax: (42441 52-807
694030, the Sakhalin area, Aniva, October 24-35

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