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Effective regional and municipal management
Untitled Document

профинансированнные within the framework of the program " USA - DISTANT Russia: active partnership "

The program is carried out by Fund of the Russian-American economic cooperation and financed by Mission to Russia Agencies of USA on the international development



The project: " the Russian-American partnership for perfection of system of social protection of the population "

The purpose of the project: perfection of system of social service of the population of municipal formation(education) "city of Magadan" by introduction of more effective methods of granting of social support, elimination of administrative and information barriers at reception of the social help by the population, development of an information exchange between municipal and state structures and their interactions with the not state (not governmental) organizations in the field of granting social services. The project assumes: to provide methodical and information support of the centre of social payments; to create a uniform information resource about the municipal, state, not state (not governmental) organizations giving social services to the population; to create an information social service " the Line of the help " for work with the population and to lead(carry out) a complex of the actions directed on maintenance of its(her) work after end of the project; To conduct information campaign for increase of a level of knowledge of the population about kinds of the social help and to involve the volunteers working on a line of the social help. Expected results: positive experience " one window " in territory of Magadan Is introduced; administrative expenses for granting of social support are reduced; the system of information interchange about addressees of the social help is organized; the uniform information resource about the organizations соц is created. Orientations; it is created and successfully works соц. Information service " Line of the Help "; volunteers for work in service " Line of the help " are involved and trained; new professional standards of granting of social services are introduced; knowledge of the population of kinds of social support has raised(increased); the professional level of employees of the organizations соц has raised(increased). Orientations; effective interaction between municipal structures and НКО is adjusted in the field of granting social services; Are adjusted and successfully partner attitudes(relations) between socially - guided organizations of USA and Russia develop; the Russian and American partners successfully apply the turned out international experience at a local level.

Region of realization of the project: Magadan

The American partner:
Northern California Council for the Community
T. Michael Yuen, Tel 415-808-4432 fax 415-856-0905
221 Main Street, Suite 300 San Francisco CA 94105 USA

The Russian partners:
The Magadan regional public информационно-educational organization " Living Arctic regions "
Hooks Jury Anatol'evich, Phone/fax (413 222-1180
685000, Magadan, street. Proletarian 8, Office 330

Mayoralty of Magadan
Kazetov Jury Mihajlovich, Phone/fax (413 222-0662
685000, Magadan, the Area Bitter 1

The project: Khabarovsk – Oregon: we shall make our cities more purely(cleanly)

Decrease(reduction) of pollution of territory of Khabarovsk and improvement of ecological conditions due to creation and introduction of effective strategy of management by firm household waste products (ТБО) at a municipal level. Involving of local population in realization of municipal programs on management ТБО. Development of a social and economic infrastructure of business on gathering and processing ТБО.

Region of realization of the project: Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk territory

The American partner:
Association of Cities - побратимов
Portland – Khabarovsk (staff(state) Oregon)
Рич Макканади 1-360-735-827,

The Russian partners:
Service of the customer
On housing-and-municipal services 1
Jumps Victor Borisovich, 7-4212-32-56-10

The Khabarovsk regional organization
" The All-Russia society of wildlife management "
Sidorova Valentine Stepanovna, 7-4212-32-52-93

The project: Increase энергоэффективности elements of a social infrastructure of Vladivostok

Improvement энергообеспеченности Vladivostok due to approbation in practice and to the further introduction of solar water-heating installation (СВНУ). Development of the long-term plan of introduction СВНУ on socially significant municipal objects together with Administration and Duma of Vladivostok.
Region of realization of the project: Primorski Krai, California

The American partner:
Си-Ти-Джи Энерджетикс (California)
Mal'kom Lewis, 1-949-790-0010

The Russian partner:
The reduced name: Fund " world " (Primorski Krai)
Fesik Alexander Vladimirovich, 7-4232-313-569

The project: Binding leadership

Region of realization of the project: the Sakhalin area, Primorski Krai, Khabarovsk territory, republic Buryatiya and areas of Siberia.

The American partner:
Women of Vision
Jan Secor, Diane Mikhlin, tel.: 206-525-3295; Fax: 206-525-0195
P.O. Box 15868 SeatleWA 98115USA

The Russian partners:
The Vladivostok city public organization on support of business of "Step"
Pasternak Svetlana Vasil'evna, Ph.: (4232 22-96-98, 31-32-44; the Fax: (4232 40-77-23
690091 Vladivostok Суханова 1-12

Noncommercial partnership " Siberian образовательно-consultation centre "Коннект"
Marina Tjasto (пр), Lyudmila Komkova (орг) Ph.: 383-210-12-52; факс:383-210-10-98
630099 Novosibirsk Deputy 28-17

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