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Russian-English glossary on an information society
Hundred base terms. The joint project of the British Advice(council) in Russia, Institute of development of an information society and the project " the Russian portal of development ".

Development of an information society:
The research centres

Conference " the State in XXI century "
Conference Microsoft for statesmen (Microsoft Government Leaders Conference) will annually be carried out(spent) by corporation to Seattle (USA), since 1998. Conference represents a forum of conducting statesmen of the different countries of the world on which they have an opportunity to exchange the opinions and experience how the states and local municipalities use information technologies for increase of the power and training of citizens. In the program of conference — reports of conducting politicians, heads and the innovators who have estimated, what role are played with information technologies for a conclusion of the country to a new level of development.
About conference (Moscow, April, 10, 2003)
Materials of conference

Portal as the tool of the government. Decisions for " Electronic Russia " on platform Microsoft

Development soremennyh informatsionno-communication technologies allows in the shortest terms and at the minimal expenses is significant to raise(increase) labour productivity of separate employees and public services as a whole. Concrete actions in this direction are planned by the Federal target program " Electronic Russia ".

According to modern principles of construction of an information infrastructure of the organization, interaction of official body with citizens, business and other controls should be organized through the information portal ( portals) representing " a uniform point of access " to all necessary resources.

Association of resources of state body in a portal has the following essential advantages:

Projects FTSP " Electronic Russia (2002-2010 years) ",
Spent by the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation in 2002-2003 years

Conference " Regional and municipal projects of electronic Russia ":
Reports and presentations

The best practices and examples
Selection of the best practices and examples of development of the electronic government.

Methodology and managing documents
Selection of methodical recommendations and documents on sozdpaniju the electronic government

Offered decisions and services
Decisions and services of the companies in the field of creation of the electronic government. In Russia there are 4 levels of administrative division (from the top downward):
- Federal
- District (7 districts)
- Regional (89 subjects of federation)
- Municipal (city, area)

In the e-government the following types of attitudes(relations) (here G – the government, B - business, With – citizens, I – internal components for the government, including officials) are allocated:
- G2G – the government with the government
- G2B – the government with business
- G2C – the government with citizens
- G2I - the government with internal components for him(it), including officials.

Fund " New economy "
Analytical materials on informatsionno-to communication technologies (IKT, IT, IT). The review of realization FTSP Electronic Russia. World(global) and Russian experience of the electronic government (e-government). Opinions of experts. Calls of new economy

Creation of a tourist site
Information structure of a site on tourism
The circuit of navigation of a tourist site

Promotion of sites
Recommendations for promotion of sites
27 ways of promotion of sites

Creation of the Catalogue of the enterprises
Databases of the catalogue of the enterprises

Presentation of databases of the Catalogue of the enterprises and the organizations of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Sovershenstovanie information resources of authorities

Offers on perfection of an official site of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Offers on connection of separate structural divisions of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk a uniform network

Offers on perfection of a site of Committee on management of municipal property of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Offers on perfection of a site of Committee on the industry and trade Sahalinkoj of area

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