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Trainings. Rates. Seminars.
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Trainings. Rates. Seminars.

The organizer

Seminar - training " Construction of effective attitudes(relations) with the personnel "



The Russian-American Educational Centre of Business.
Южно - Сахалинск, street. Ленина 296, оф. 1.
Bodies: 42-36-96, 42-32-85, 72-53-53, http://www.arc.sakhalin.ru
Бухгучет and the taxation

January - February

Seminar " Designing and optimization of tax circuits at the enterprise ".

The lecturer: Nikolaev A.A. – к.ю.н., the professional tax lawyer. At realization of seminars actively uses an operational experience in tax police, practical skills of participation in proceedings.


Open Company " audit - Траст-Обучение "
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, пр. The world 107-19, ph. ( 4242 ) 42-00-38, a fax (4242 72-66-56.

Since February, 9
2004, duration of study 1,5 months

Rates " the Adviser for taxes and tax collections ".

To carry out(spend) the given special course there will be highly skilled experts in the field of tax, book keeping and legal activity.

At positive delivery of a promotion examination students will receive the qualifying certificate of the Adviser for taxes and tax collections.


Open Company " audit - Траст-Обучение "
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, пр. The world 107-19, ph. ( 4242 ) 42-00-38, a fax (4242 72-66-56.
Training " How to make activity of the organization claimed by community
And to involve necessary resources ",
The invitation to a training

The preliminary program
The program
" USA – the Far East Russia: active partnership "
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Communistic пр. 32, оф. 517. Phone/fax (4242 72-71-24



Cеминар-training on a spelling of the application for 2 grant - round " Protection of public interests " and 4 grant - round " Civil initiatives ", devoted to youth problems.
Russia, 693000
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Ленина, 111. оф.1.
Ph. ( 4242 ) 723 414
The right

Seminar - training " To you came with check "


The Russian-American Educational Centre of Business.
Южно - Сахалинск, street. Ленина 296, оф. 1.
Bodies: 42-36-96, 42-32-85, 72-53-53, http://www.arc.sakhalin.ru

Rates " Practical Marketing "


The Russian-American Educational Centre of Business.
Южно - Сахалинск, street. Ленина 296, оф. 1.
Bodies: 42-36-96, 42-32-85, 72-53-53, http://www.arc.sakhalin.ru

Seminar - training " Psychology of effective sales " http://www.mbs.marketcenter.ru/file.asp?r=2927

The Russian-American Educational Centre of Business.
Южно - Сахалинск, street. Ленина 296, оф. 1.
Bodies: 42-36-96, 42-32-85, 72-53-53, http://www.arc.sakhalin.ru

What is the training?

Now the training as one of ways of professional and personal development more and more intensively will penetrate into various spheres of human activity, is especial in business.
It is more and more and more heads, including directors and managers on the personnel, understand necessity of training of the employees as it directly influences success of the company and its(her) survival in the market.

It is known, that the staff solve all. Hardly someone begins to argue with this statement. And even more often for development and professional retraining of the personnel the training gets out. What it(he) itself(himself) represents?

The business - training is courses of improvement of qualification, as a rule very short (1-4 days). For example, it can be an one-day training " Art of realization of effective presentations ", intended for managers who on an occupation frequently should show something in its best light, or two-day - " How correctly to plan time " where each of chronic опоздальщиков studies to distribute(allocate) all affairs on four groups: And – important and urgent, – important, but not urgent, In – urgent, but not important, Г – not important and not urgent. Apparently from these examples, on trainings usually learn(teach) those skills which can be applied in many spheres of activity.

In a basis of the majority of trainings the western rates, as a rule, written by professionals and for professionals lay. Now all of them specially adapt for our Russian realities – as against translation books in which till now it is possible to find not advice(councils) quite adequate to our validity.

Training will be carried out(spent) with specially prepared people which refer to as trainers. Each of them has had training special preparation and has sufficient experience of realization of rates on the certain subjects. Usually these people have base or additional psychological formation(education).

Trainings are very intensive training. Some long trainings are segmented, on each of which is allocated(removed) for two - four days. Duration of one educational day, as a rule, 8-10 hours. Optimum quantity(amount) of participants of group, in opinion of experts, 10-12 person makes. It allows, on the one hand, to everyone to show performance of the task to the instructor, and on the other hand to exchange experience, to learn each other.

Usually trainings pass in the spacious, specially equipped audiences of companies - organizers. In territory of the customer of them will carry out(spend) in the premises(rooms) prepared for it – in an assembly hall or a room of negotiations. Sometimes, if the maintenance(contents) of a training demands from his(its) participants completely to be disconnected from the usually works, they are offered to lead(carry out) employment(occupations) in a country house of rest.

The method of teaching on business - trainings is very close to a method of "immersing" which is used on an intensive language course. As a rule, all training role games, сценки and even accompany with draws. You see that experience and the received knowledge were transformed to new skills, is necessary positive adjust.

Before the beginning of employment(occupations) the trainer defines(determines) representations, the purposes and expectations of participants from forthcoming training. It(he) should take into account all these factors at realization of employment(occupations) and if it is necessary to correct the program of a rate. Then the trainer gives exercise on "warming up" which should help to participants of a training to distract from daily cares to be adjusted on employment(occupations) and actively to put into operation.

The basic part of a training represents analysis of a theoretical material which is fixed by role games or individual exercises. Use of a principle of activity in a training speaks that the person acquires 10 % of that hears, 50 % - that sees, 70 % - that pronounces, and 90 % - that does(makes) itself. During a training participants have an opportunity to overestimate and fulfil new ways of behaviour to experiment them. In group creative conditions and a confidential atmosphere that promotes disclosing of each participant and more effective mastering of knowledge, development(manufacture) of skills is created. Sometimes for amplification(strengthening) of productivity of this or that exercise of it(him) remove on a videocamera, and later participants together look through the received material, discuss it(him), defining(determining) pluss and minuses of the preparation. In the end the complex tasks follow, allowing to check up, as far as well people have acquired the information. It is original final examination.

Trainings are different

Trainings can be divided(shared) into four groups: self-organizing, command work, the organization of others and orientation to the client.
Feature of trainings on self-organizing is, that they are directed on development of the abilities improving activity of the expert. Within the framework of these trainings of people effectively learn(teach) to dispose of time, correctly to place priorities, it is easy to make independent decisions.

The second group of trainings has for an object to learn people to coordinate the actions with activity of colleagues. Participants of such trainings learn(teach) principles of construction of commands(teams), effective command interaction, positive perception(recognition) of a management(manual).

The third group of trainings is intended mainly for топ-managers. To heads teach lessons of effective motivation of subordinates, delegations of powers, train in technologies of leadership and the control.

The fourth group of trainings is directed on development at employees of the companies of abilities on interaction with external agents, including clients, business partners, mass media, power structures. A typical example – trainings on inculcation of skills of effective sales. Employment(occupations) on formation of correct psychological installation in relation to the client, work at exhibitions, to art of realization of presentations and realization of negotiations will be carried out(spent) also.

Except for it, trainings share on three groups depending on for what level of employees they are intended. There are trainings for the top echelon of heads, trainings for heads of an average link and training courses for experts. However some trainings have no precise official orientation as are useful to all categories of employees (for example, many trainings on self-organizing).

In the West there is a precise specialization тренинговых the companies depending on they train what level of employees. In our country usually the companies train workers of all levels.

In the form of the organization business - trainings can be corporate and open. The first are organized on inquiry of employees of the concrete company. Accordingly, during realization of a corporate training conducting examples directly from life of this company try to follow to model the situations similar with already having place. It, undoubtedly, strengthens effect from trainings. Besides the personnel of the company which has passed a corporate training course, can communicate in one language and will promote fastening and distribution of new knowledge.

On open trainings all interested persons can enter the name. They will be carried out(spent) on this or that subjects in beforehand stipulated time (on corporate trainings time gets out the company - customer). This principle is convenient and for the companies which want to train all some experts.

What for to study on trainings?

The idea of additional business - formation has appeared because formation(education) in higher educational institutions can not give that knowledge which are adequate to realities of modern business and manufacture. For example, in the Great Britain and Japan it is considered, what even graduates of the most prestigious HIGH SCHOOL it is necessary доучивать – that they have received specialization required to firm.

In Russia break between high school formation(education) and practice also is deep enough. In our country the higher education differs special academism. Besides market transformations to economy demand from people all new and new knowledge and skills, which our HIGH SCHOOLS can give (they simply have not time behind these changes).

Other reason that all over the world, and in our country in particular, there are no good experts. The overabundance of professionals on a labour market is rather illusory, many of applicants for those or other posts do not meet all necessary requirements. In these cases of the company order trainings of the personnel. Training of own employees manages to employers much more cheaply, than search and переманивание ready experts.

It is a little facts and a history

Demand for trainings last decades grows all over the world. Many businessmen understand, that investments in training is a pledge of competitiveness of business and his(its) prosperity in conditions of the varying world. In the Great Britain, for example, in 1995 about 47 % of working population of the country has passed trainings (six years back this figure made only 37 %). In USA the huge sums (in 1989, for example, on these purposes have given 44,4 billion) too are spent for training industrial and the attendants.

In our country the first trainings began to be carried out(spent) in 1989-1990 years. Then they were something like exotic fruit, heads of the enterprises participated in them only. The first training courses differed absence of a uniform technique and precisely designated business purposes.

With arrival on the domestic market of the large international companies, and after them of the western trainers business training became the necessary form of work with the personnel of these companies on all levels, from топ-managers up to secretaries. To this example the domestic companies have soon followed. August crisis has a little lowered business activity of Russians. However now the situation in the market is improved, and тренинговые the companies also observe increase of number wishing to pass business - trainings.

Now in Russia works about(near) 150 тренинговых the companies, about(near) 80 from them offer the services in capital.

What in result?

Conclusions about success of a training can be made by comparison of the objective parameters received before realization of a training and after him(it).

Depending on problems(tasks) of training objective result reduction of disputed situations, increase of quantity(amount) of the satisfied clients, improvement of image of the company, increase of a break-even sales level can be. There is a structurization of experience of employees, their motivation to work raises, the emotional climate in collective is improved, the corporate culture of the company is created and becomes stronger.

In any case efficiency of a training is defined(determined) by the subsequent application of the received knowledge and the acquired skills in practice, in reality. Топ-managers can observe improvement of industrial parameters. And the employees who have mastered modern methods of work, can apply for higher wages. Thus, both heads, and employees understand, as time, and money were spent not зря.

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