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The international programs
Untitled Document

The international programs

Programs " the Regional initiative. The Far East Russia " the State Department of USA.
The regional Initiative, at support of the State Department of USA is a vivid example of partnership between USA and Russia.
The basic purpose of the Regional Initiative - the help in realization of effective reforms and the positive changes occuring in Russia by a concentration of programs, financed by Agency on the International Development and the Government of USA in separate regions of Russia.
Working according to other programs of technical support of USA in strategically important areas, RI, first of all, renders services and promotes development of the following directions:
1. Support of small and average business, including micro-crediting and training to business
2. Support of creation of an advanced civil society and promotion of democratic processes
3. Development of initiatives in sphere of public health services, formation(education) and protection of an environment
Successfully recommending themselves programs RI have received the continuation and distribution in other regions of Russia. The beginning to the Regional Initiative was put with the Eighth meeting of the Russian-American Interethnic Committee on economic and strategic cooperation in February, 1997 (frequently called group " mountain - CHernomyrdin ")
In Russia works three offices RI, led by the Coordinator and staff(state) of employees which supervise work of programs of USA on rendering technical support and maximizations of their results promote:

The Volga Regional Initiative with the centre in Samara
( http://www.internetelite.ru/samarari/english/general.phtml; the Regional Initiative in Tomsk which covers work of programs in Novosibirsk, together with in other parts of Siberia (http://www.ri-tomsk.org/) and the Regional Initiative on the Far East Russia with the main office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Materials for a site are updated weekly.
For more detailed information on a site or the Regional Initiative, address:

The regional Initiative, the Far East Russia

693000, Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Communistic
The prospectus 32, office 517а.
Kregg A. Holsted
The regional Coordinator
Tел: +4212 72 71 24/5
E-mail: mailto:kregghalsteadrirfe@hotmail.com

Svetlana A. Vasina
The assistant to the Coordinator
Teл: +4212 72 71 24/5
E-mail: mailto:svetlana_vasina@hotmail.com

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