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The program
Untitled Document


Administration Sahalisnkoj of area

The Sakhalin regional public organization
" The Centre of support of small and average business "

At financial support

Fund of Russian-American economic cooperation (FRAEK)



“ The Regional electronic government: experience and prospects of creation ”

The purpose of conference – distribution of the information on world(global) and Russian experience of development of the electronic government, studying of opinions of experts, the public about new forms of granting to a society of services on the part of authority, about opportunities of application of electronic administrative rules in a control system.

Participants of conference: Heads and experts of regional enforcement authorities, divisions of the device of administration of area. Deputies and experts of the device of regional Duma. Mayors, heads of structural divisions of administrations MO. Deputies of city and regional Assemblies. Heads of federal enforcement authorities. Representatives of public organizations. Representatives business – structures.



Registration of participants
09:00-10:00 1 hour Registration of participants of conference Proskurjakova Love Nikolaevna, an organizational department
Opening of conference
10.00-10.15 5 minutes.
Opening of conference, salutatory word
Malahov Ivan Pavlovich, the governor of area
4 minutes. Salutatory word
Sereda Victor Andreevich, the vice-president of Sakhalin regional Duma
4 minutes. Salutatory word Smiths Anatoly Mihajlovich, the federal inspector in the Sakhalin area
Plenary session:
“ The Electronic government: concepts and models ”
10:15-10:25 10 minutes. Steps to the electronic government at federal and regional levels. http://mbs.marketcenter.ru/file.asp?r=3758

Concept of the electronic government, course of realization of pilot projects at regional and municipal levels.

Drozhzhinov Vladimir Ivanovich, k.f.-m.n., the director of the Centre of the competence on the electronic government at the American chamber of commerce in Russia, the adviser of the governor of the Sakhalin area for questions of creation and introduction of the electronic government in the Sakhalin area
10 minutes. Problems(tasks) of executive authority of the Sakhalin area in realizations of the concept of the Electronic government.

Principles FTSP “ Electronic Russia ”, plans of realization in the Sakhalin area, creation of a portal as tool of the organization of information interaction.

Zbrodov Nikolay Lavrent'evich, the chief of a department of information technologies of administration of area
10:35-10:45 10 minutes. Realization of the project “ the Internet for economic development and involving of citizens ”

V'junova Elena Jur'evna, chairman SOOO "TSPB"


20 minutes.
Strategy of the electronic government of city of Seattle

Brjus Blad, the veb-master of city of Seattle
11:05-11:15 10 minutes.

Problems(tasks) of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in development of the electronic government

Slides of performance(statement)

Minervin Igor Georgievich., the first vice-mayor of city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
10 minutes. Information systems of nedro/wildlife management of territory. Experience of creation and introduction. Alexander Sokolov - the manager on development of business, company Shljumberzhe

Coffee - brejk
Plenary session:
Electronic strategy of authorities for development of trade, tourism and attraction of investments

20 minutes.
Electronic strategy of authorities for trade and tourism of Seattle
Sem Kaplan, the Trading Union of Development of the Big Seattle, USA

10 minutes.

The Internet - catalogue of the enterprises of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: the tool of development of trade and attraction of investments


Kuzenkova Rimma Borisovna, the main expert of management of the consumer market, business and agriculture

10 minutes.

Tourist portal of the Sakhalin area: new opportunities for promotion of region and development of tourism.

Rokotov Vadim Alekseevich, the first zam. The head of committee of the international, external economic and inter-regional communications(connections) of the Sakhalin area.

10 mines
Sakhalin information portal SAKH.COM To Vladimir, gl. The editor News agency SAKH.COM
Plenary session:
Development of an infrastructure of public access to open information resources of authorities


20 mines
The Internet for all: public access in Seattle
Marti CHakojan, the adviser of company Semeron, USA

10 mines

The centre of public access for needy citizens of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Slides of performance(statement)

Lazjuk Alevtina Vasil'evna, the head of department of social protection of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

1 hour Break for dinner
Closing of conference


40 minutes.

Discussion: Local strategy of development of the Electronic government

10 minutes.

Acceptance of the resolution of participants of conference


  The termination(ending) of conference  
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