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How to choose business - idea?
Untitled Document
How to choose business - idea

The purpose:
To choose business - idea, potentially successful (profitable and having prospects for development) and suitable (taking into account individuality of the businessman).

That renders the greatest influence on efficiency of the decision:
Knowledge, experience, skills, psychological and other features of the businessman.
Economic situation in the market.
Presence or availability of necessary resources.

Sources of the information in the Internet:
http://www.mbs.marketcenter.ru - Small business of the Sakhalin area
http://www.homebusiness.ru - Domestic business
http://www.mybusiness.km.ru how to create the business
http://www.sbn.finance.ru/inf_res/bank_idey.htm - Banks of ideas
http://www.dist-cons.ru/con_links.asp?TOPIC=1&GrID=24 - How to begin the business
http://www.arc.sakhalin.ru – the Russian-American Educational Centre
http://devbusiness.ru/startup/startfrom.htm - Than to engage?

The regional organizations, capable to assist:
Regional Fund of support of business, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo, 15, оф.139, phone/fax: (4242 72-84-84, 72-82-9, mailto:fpp@sakhalin.ru.
The Russian-American Educational Centre of Business, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Street. Lenina 296, оф.1, ph.: (4242 672-53-53, 42-36-96. 42-32-85, e-mail: postmasterarc@sakhalin.ru.
Sakhalin regional public organization " Centre of support of small and average business ", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, street. Dzerzhinskogo 15, оф.143, 139, phone/fax: (4242 72-84-84, 72-82-92, 42-98-52, mailto:mmc65@mail.ru, http://bc.sakh.com, http://www.sakhalin.marketcenter.ru, http://www.mbs.marketcenter.ru

The basic data and recommendations

The choice of business - idea is the best way for carrying out(spending) a method of brain storm: first simply it is necessary not estimating to write down value of ideas all variants of kinds of business which the most unexpected occur, let and impracticable, and only after drawing up of the big list to start a choice. Drawing up of the list is better than a message together with your future partners, as a last resort, simply friends and familiar. It is necessary to stimulate the most original offers, let all over again even it is not clear as on such activity it is possible to earn. It is especially important to write down all in what you like to be engaged or in what have experience of activity.

Whenever possible do not copy another's business, the best variant is creation of an own niche in the market, differently you appear one of numerous businessmen in the market with the highest competition. The market created by you even first time will be free enough. It is better to choose a kind of business which recently has arisen, consumers about it(him) have learned(found out) and at present it is possible to predict the big growth of the market. In the growing market places suffice all also a competition is not high.

It is important to choose business suitable for you. Business has property to tighten(delay) the person, superseding entertainments and private life, therefore try to find such activity to you it will be interesting to them to be engaged.

All your strengths should be applied in the business chosen you, and the weak parties(sides) to not influence result. If at you good art taste, and you wonderfully draw, you should not be engaged in construction since for him(it) organizing abilities are very important, it is better to open design - interior. If you are not sociable, you should not be engaged in trade, but pilomateriala uncommunicativeness will not prevent manufacture.

The choice of business on your strengths has also only economic party(side) if in business your strengths it becomes the important advantage before competitors who have these qualities in a smaller measure will be used actively.

Potentially successful the business - idea which is based on objective opportunities of an economic situation, a condition of the separate market etc. Features of a condition of the market can be considered do(make) more profitable and growing separate kinds of business, for example, the great demand for new apartments and high rates of construction of new habitation objectively expand the market of home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and so forth) and furniture since crossing(moving) to a new apartment is usually accompanied by purchase of new furniture and home appliances. At the same time reduction of birth rate reduces demand for educational services for children and increases a competition in this market.

Choice of business - idea
It is better to carry out(spend) on steps according to the following table
( the example of filling) is given

Business - idea Why this activity approaches me or does not approach?
( Personal qualities)
Why this business will be successful or unsuccessful?
Approaches Does not approach Successful Unsuccessful
Trade in household chemical goods • I well understand in means of household chemical goods, because at me chemical formation(education)
• I have enough of money for creation of turnaround means
• I suffer an allergy and long I can not be in a premise(room) with chemical means
• in area there are no specialized shops with full assortment of the goods of household chemical goods • in city poorly stably working enterprises, therefore incomes of the population low and not stable

It is not necessary to count, that you will manage to make something better competitors without special preconditions. You can not make the price below if you do not own any unique technology lowering expenses.

The majority of business - ideas can be modified a little considerably to improve their perspectivity. For example, sale kantstovarov can seem not especially successful business, however, if it will be possible to place a shop in High school or in a building with a plenty of offices the estimation of prospects will essentially be improved.

Lead(carry out) small research of the chosen market for an estimation of sales volumes, preferences of buyers. To lead(carry out) it(him) it is possible as questioning, free conversations or supervision over potential clients and competitors.

Self-estimation of business - idea on its(her) realizability and appeal to potential partners and investors
( for small and average business)

Criteria of an estimation Weak - 0 points Average - 3 points High - 5 points
Source and completeness of the information Check is required Trust, but not completely Full trust
Image of firm Weak or new Average Very high
Presence of experience of realization of similar projects Is not present In part Is
Presence of the patent, the license, the certificate Is not present In part Is it (is not necessary)
Presence of "highlight" (distinct from others) Is not present or do not know Unsignificantly Is
Commodity market Less than 3th years Not less than 3th years Export, importozameshchenie
Competitiveness It is not known It is competitive Overwhelming
Support and privileges of authorities Is not present or do not know It is possible(probable) Is present
Presence of own financial assets Less than 20 % Up to 51 % More than 51 %
Presence of a command(team) and leading experts Less than 50 % 50 % and more There are 75-100 %
Presence of the ground and premises(rooms) Less than 50 % 50 % and more There are 75-100 %
Presence of the capital equipment Less than 33 % 33 % and more There are 66-100 %
Time of recovery of outlay More than 2 years Till 1,5-2 years Till 1 year
Presence of stages of the subsequent development Is not present One 2 and more
In total points      

Recommendations to the author of business - idea

Final estimations
Score Quantity(amount) of estimations "0"  
Less than 25 More than 6 The business - idea demands serious completion
26-35 5-6 To specify prior to the beginning of development of the business - plan
36-45 3-4 It is time to start to develop the business - plan
46-55 1-2 Made obvious chances of success
56 and more 0 Very high chances of success

Presence of "zero" estimations should guide on serious reflections, additional study of business - idea.

If at your idea more than 50 points and no more than two zero estimations, are the bases to consider(count), that your idea is business - idea.

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