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What for the business - plan is necessary?
Untitled Document
What for the business - plan is necessary

Without business - the plan in general it is impossible to undertake commercial activity, differently the opportunity of failure will be too high.

Business - the plan is a document which describes all basic aspects of the future enterprise, analyzes all problems which it can collide(face), and also defines(determines) ways of the decision of these problems. Therefore correctly made business - the plan finally replies: whether in general it is necessary to invest in this business and whether it will bring incomes which will pay back all expenses of forces and means?

Very important to make it on a paper according to the certain requirements and to lead(carry out) special calculations is helps to see the future problems and to understand, whether they and where it is necessary beforehand " to spread solomku " are surmountable.

Personal participation of the head in drawing up of the business - plan is so great, that many foreign banks and investment firms in general refuse to consider(examine) applications for assignment if it becomes known, that the business - plan from the beginning and up to the end was prepared by the adviser from the party(side), and the head has only signed. Switching in work personally, it(he) as though models the future activity, checking on a fortress and a plan, and.

Business - plans make usually for the following reasons:

1. For external use. To present business in most favourable light to people from the outside, for example, to investors.

2. For internal using. Here put it is represented with all strong and weak parties(sides). This business - plan is used constantly as the tool of management.

You can reach(achieve) essential advantages if will start about business of the plan for internal use. During his(its) spelling you will consider(examine) many questions which, probably, will be never written down in external. However, investors for certain will set similar questions "to feel" gravity of study. Those who is not prepared for these questions, appear at a great disadvantage.

For example, it can be found out, that the question on was not worked, whether the investor is really necessary or it is better to concentrate on increase of productivity. Attempt involve the investor can to be shano the m, based on his(its) perception(recognition) as Grandfather of the Frost, instead of well considered strategic decision.

When finally you will understand, that could survive and succeed and giving 30 % of incomes to the investor, you budute to feel like deceived and maintained, and the investor will not understand in what a problem.

All variants and strategy of development should be worked beforehand, at a spelling of the internal business - plan. And if attraction of the investor appears justified, togla both the investor, and firm will have a firm basis for the bargain. Thus, drawing up first of all internally guided business - plan - in interests of both parties(sides).

The big sin in business - a deceit of the . And the business - plan made only for external using, frequently embellishes a reality. The belief in own propagation can appear destroying factor.

So, purpose(assignment) business of the plan that it(he) helps businessmen to solve the following problems(tasks):

1. To study capacity and perspectivity of development of the future commodity market;

2. To estimate expenses for manufacture of production necessary to the market, to commensurate them with the prices, on which it will be possible to sell the goods to define(determine) potential profitableness of an affair;

3. To find out the every possible "underwater" stones trapping new business in the first years of his(its) realization;

4. To define(determine) those parameters, on kotrym it will be possible to supervise a state of affairs regularly.

Especially it is necessary to tell, that business the plan is usually written on prospect and to make it(him) follows approximately for 3 years forward. Thus for the first year it is necessary to do(make) the basic parameters in monthly breakdown, for the second - quarterly and only since 3го year it is necessary to be limited to annual parameters.

Unfortunately, such planning in conditions of our economy is not obviously possible yet as the economic situation very quickly varies. Planning on intermediate time more than year will be zavedemo erroneous. Many I am now limited by a spelling of the plan for year.

What is included into the business - plan?
Elements of the business - plan
Modelling business - plans


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